New book series: Place, Memory, Affect

Place, Memory, Affect

Place, Memory, Affect is a new interdisciplinary series interested in proposals that seek to extend and deepen debates around the intersections of place, memory, and affect in innovative and challenging ways. Above all, through such indicative explorations, we wish the series to forge an agenda for new approaches to the edgy relations of people and place within the transnational global cultures of the twenty-first century and beyond.

As a series, it might ask such questions as:-

• How place is re-imagined and re-experienced through different relations, both materially
and through memory, sensation, affect, dream, imagination;
• How cultural, political and economic forces are experienced by and inscribed upon and
through bodies as affect and emotion;
• How reconsiderations of place, memory and affect might interrupt entrenched views and
structures of thought and power;
• How theoretical and experiential uses of place expand and challenge perception
and creativity.

The vision for the series shares something with US writer Terry Tempest Williams: “To see the
world whole. To feel ourselves interconnected and interrelated. To explore the issues of our time
through the kaleidoscopic vision of many disciplines, not just one.”

Please send proposals to Professor Neil Campbell and Dr Christine
Berberich at marking your email Place, Memory, Affect Book