Starting in 2021, ASLE-UKI organises a regular online seminar series.

This page provides information about our upcoming seminars as well as an archive of previous seminar topics. We welcome ideas for future seminars. If you would be interested in organising a seminar, please get in touch.

Our seminars are free to attend, but there are some costs involved in their organisation. If you enjoyed the seminar, please do consider making a small donation to help cover our costs.

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Next Seminar
May 2021 (Exact Date and Time TBA)

Extinction (with a blue take)

Convenor: Vera Fibisan
Confirmed Speakers: creative writers and others
Date and Time: More information will be added shortly.

Forthcoming Seminars

Early Modern Ecologies: Green Heritage
Convenor: Todd Borlik and Rosie Paice
Confirmed Speakers: Jennifer Monroe, Rosie Paice
Date: June 2021

Sites of Exclosure
Convenor: Hugh Dunkerley
Confirmed Speakers: Mark Ranger
Date: September 2021

Creative/Critical Practice
Convenor: Richard Kerridge
Confirmed Speakers:
Date: October 2021

Agriculture and Environment
Convenor: Pippa Marland
Confirmed Speakers: a farmer, a poet, and an agricultural conservationist
Date: November 2021

The Eighteenth-Century Environment
Convenor: Brycchan Carey
Confirmed Speakers:

Date: December 2021

Previous Seminars

‘In Vitro Meat: Ethics and Culture’ (1 February 2021)
An afternoon of talks supported by ASLE-UKI in association with the Sheffield Animal Research Centre (ShARC). Participants: Joshua Bulleid (Monash University), Nora Castle (University of Warwick), Josh Milburn (University of Sheffield), John Miller (University of Sheffield), Alexandra Sexton (University of Sheffield), Neil Stephens (Brunel University London).