ASLE-UKI is run by an executive committee of volunteer scholars and creative writers drawn from across the UK and Ireland, Our activities are governed by a constitution and supplemented by policies published from time to time on this page. Oversight is maintained by a Biennial General Meeting, open to all our members and held at our biennial conference, as well as by an international advisory board. Our work is funded through membership subscriptions and donations.



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Email: asleuki@gmail.com

Twitter: asleuki


President: Dr John Miller, University of Sheffield

Vice President : Dr Samantha Walton, Bath Spa University

Secretary: Dr Rosamund Paice

Membership Secretary: Dr Todd Borlik, University of Huddersfield

Treasurer: Dr Hugh Dunkerley, University of Chichester

Postgraduate / Early Career Representatives: 

Dr Vera Fibisan, University of Sheffield

Jasmin Kirkbride, University of East Anglia

Demi Wilton, Loughborough University

Members At Large: 

Dr Mandy Bloomfield, University of Plymouth

Dr Sam Solnick, University of Liverpool

Appointed Officers

Green Letters Editors: Dr Samantha Walton, Bath Spa University and Dr Alexandra Campbell, University of Glasgow

Outreach and Creative Writing Liaison: Richard Kerridge, Bath Spa University

Fundraising: Dr Pippa Marland, University of Bristol

Website Manager and 2022 Conference Organiser: Professor Brycchan Carey, Northumbria University

Constitution and Policies

ASLE-UKI Constitution, Revised September 2019

ASLE-UKI Privacy Policy

Advisory Board

Professor Karla Armbruster, Webster University

Professor Jonathan Bate, Worcester College, Oxford University

Professor Lawrence Buell, Harvard University

Professor Terry Gifford, Bath Spa University

Professor Ursula Heise, University of California, Los Angeles

Dr David Ingram, Brunel University

Professor Kate Rigby, University of Cologne

Professor Kate Soper, University of Brighton

Professor Louise Westling, University of Oregon

Minutes of General Meetings

After 2017, the Association moved to a holding biennial general meetings at its biennial conference. All members present at the conference are encouraged to attend the general meeting.

BGM 2019

AGM 2017

AGM 2016

AGM 2015

AGM 2014

AGM 2013

AGM 2012


We have produced a series of five PDF flyers which you can download, print off, and display on your noticeboard, wall, or anywhere you choose! The designs are different, but the text is the same.

ASLE-UKI Flyer Design 1

ASLE-UKI Flyer Design 2

ASLE-UKI Flyer Design 3

ASLE-UKI Flyer Design 4

ASLE-UKI Flyer Design 5