CFP: Reworking Georgic, Univ. of Leeds, 9-10 Sept 2019. Proposals due 30 April 2019

The influence and spirit of ‘georgic’ can be seen across western art and culture – writers and artists have the mode to explore a broad range of significant themes, including nationhood and empire, industry, the experience of war, the cultivation of the self, and humans’ relationships with the natural world. The importance and richness of georgic as a genre or mode is increasingly recognised by researchers, but it is difficult to define something that has been reworked in so many ways: does georgic have to be didactic? does it have to be about labour, about nature, about agriculture? how is it different from pastoral? This conference will bring together researchers working across periods and disciplines to analyse how and why georgic has been worked and reworked so extensively, and to develop and celebrate this growing field of study. Full details HERE