Call for Contributions: Essay Collection on Meat-eating and Literature. Abstract deadline now passed.

The conversion of animal bodies into flesh for human consumption is a practice where relations of power between humans and nonhuman animals are reproduced in exemplary form. Distinct disciplinary responses to meat production and consumption have occurred across the humanities and social sciences in areas including (but not limited to) food studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, ecocriticism, and (critical) animal studies. This edited collection solicits essays which engage with these transformations in the meanings and material practices of meat production and consumption in literature and theory since 1900. We seek contributions from scholars working on representations of meat in any area of literary studies (broadly conceived) but are particularly interested in essays that challenge dominant narratives of meat-eating and conceptions of animals as resources. Full details HERE.

INSPIRE Lecture Competition 2017.

Entries are now being accepted for the INSPIRE Lecture Competition for 2017. Submissions should explore how literature responds to, and forges connections with, the natural world. Entrants should submit the text of a half-hour public lecture which is both scholarly and accessible. Further details HERE. You can also download the official Entry Form and Poster.

Call for Contributions: Spec. Issue of Humanities, on James Joyce, Animals and the Nonhuman. Proposal deadline now passed.

While ecocritical approaches to Joyce, in particular in Eco-Joyce (Brazeau and Gladwin) and The Ecology of Finnegans Wake (Lacivita), have recently generated interest in Joyce’s environmental imagination, connections between Joyce and animal studies, or Joyce and the ‘nonhuman turn’, have yet to be explored. This Special Issue seeks to offer a space for sustained consideration of how Joyce represents the animal and the nonhuman throughout his works. Contributions that suggest how we might feed Joyce’s example into contemporary conversations about animals and the nonhuman are also sought. Full details HERE

Call for Contributions: Eco-Fictions – Emergent Discourses on Nature & Environment in Postcolonial Literatures. Abstract deadline now passed.

Instead of looking at the past by viewing the remains of ancient settlements or by inspecting inscriptions left in caves by primitive humans, future generations will gather information about current times by the imprint that neoliberal capitalism is leaving on everything. Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, electronic components and even medical waste will provide them with a portrait of what we have become. Being acutely aware of this, authors are already documenting the state of emergency that society has reached and which is symbolised by the ever-growing ecological consciousness that climate change and other irreversible phenomena have created in our daily lives. We call for papers that explore how authors illustrate this conundrum in their works. Further details HERE

CFP: Cross, Multi, Inter, Trans – ASLE-UKI Conference, Sheffield, 6-8 Sept 2017. Abstracts due 15 March 2017.

There is a longstanding resistance to boundaries and binaries within the ecologically-engaged community, and a longstanding engagement with hybridity,entanglement and liminality. This conference invites participants to explore the transdisciplinary character of the environmental humanities, through a range of creative and critical approaches. Abstracts are due by 15 March 2017, and both traditional and experimental modes of presentation are welcomed. Full details of the conference call can be found HERE. Get further information about the accompanying exhibition by clicking HERE