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Chair: Professor Brycchan Carey, Northumbria University

Immediate Past Chair: Dr Adeline Johns-Putra, University of Surrey

Secretary: Dr John Miller, University of Sheffield

Treasurer: Dr Louise Squire, University of Portsmouth

Membership Secretary: Dr Hugh Dunkerley, University of Chichester,

Postgraduate Representatives: Rebecca Ford, University of the Islands and Highlands and Michelle Poland, University of Lincoln

Members At Large: Dr David Borthwick, University of Glasgow and Dr Helen Hughes, University of Surrey

Appointed Officers

Green Letters Editors: Dr Greg Garrard, University of British Columbia and Dr John Parham, University of Worcester

Dr Jenny Bavidge (Conference Liaison), University of Cambridge

Dr Lucy Collins (Web Officer, Irish Representative), University College Dublin

Richard Kerridge (TBC), Bath Spa University

Advisory Board

Professor Karla Armbruster, Webster University

Professor Jonathan Bate, Worcester College, Oxford University

Professor Lawrence Buell, Harvard University

Professor Terry Gifford, Bath Spa University

Professor Ursula Heise, University of California, Los Angeles

Dr David Ingram, Brunel University

Professor Kate Rigby, Monash University

Professor Kate Soper, University of Brighton

Professor Louise Westling, University of Oregon

Professor Wendy Wheeler, London Metropolitan University

ASLE-UKI Constitution

AGM minutes